Thursday, December 9, 2010

Demand to kerb cyclists' easy ride

Our ‘Take A Bow’ award for this week goes to Labour Cllr Kevin Humphreys who wants on-the-spot fines for cyclists who continue to break the law.

His proposal would allow for on-the-spot fines for cyclists who cycle on the footpath, break red lights and cycle at night with no lights.

While the vast majority of cyclists are careful and law-abiding, there is a small minority who have no regard for their safety or for the safety of others.

“I received many complaints from the public about cyclists using footpaths and pedestrian areas at high speed without any regard for pedestrians,” he said.

“Cycling in the city should be encouraged and facilities improved for them but pedestrian and other road users should also be protected.”

As a result of Kevin Humphries suggestion, Dublin City Council has written to Transport Minister Noel Dempsey asking him to bring in legislation to allow for fix charged penalties for cyclists who break the law.


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