Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Morans of Uruguay

Staying with events of a Foreign Affairs nature, it seems that the Morans of Uruguay are coming home!

Our strong links with South America were to the fore at this week’s Cabinet meeting when one Nestor Moran was approved as the new Ambassador from Uruguay.

Foreign Affairs Minister Micheal Martin told colleagues that Nestor Julio Moreira Moran is taking up the post as ‘Ambassador of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay to Ireland’ to give him his proper title.

The Ambassador comes with strong credentials after serving in a range of posts across Europe.

Over 700,000 people in Uruguay and Argentina claim Irish heritage.

The region has strong links with Wexford and the Midlands – with settlers, ranchers, soldiers and missionaries travelling to both countries for decades.

Ambassador Moran is also accredited to Britain and is based in London,.

It remains to be seen if he will try to trace any Irish roots when he visits to present credentials to President Mary McAleese.

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