Friday, September 18, 2009

Credit Crunchies

We have had ‘De Little Book of Bertie’ and now author Will Hanafin gives is his ‘Credit Crunchies’ - an hilarious collection of REAL quotes made by some of top politicians and bankers.

And some of them are right clangers!

Like Brian Cowen’s plans to get the economy back on track - ‘Taking some steps back so we can go forward again’.

And his plan for some decisive action - ‘To identify the problem that is there and park it somewhere else so we can deal with it over a longer period’!

There are also some gems from the bankers who have become notorious over the past 12 months, such as that by disgraced former Anglo chief Sean Fitzpatrick.

“It is well known that I take a fair bit of time off during the year. But I think it is a fair return for the very long hours that I put
in.... and for the loneliness and pressure of continuing to overachieve.”

Or what about Sean’s infamous interview with Marian Finucane after the bank guarantee scheme was introduced: “I can’t say sorry with any degree of sincerity and decency but I do say thank you.”!

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