Thursday, July 2, 2009

Young FF-ers kick off the summer

The summer is here and our politicians are this week are preparing for their exodus from the national stage for their holliers.

But there is no such slacking within the ranks of Ogra Fianna Fail - the organisation is preparing for its first ever Summer School which will be held this weekend.

The ‘official policy conference’ will be held in the City Hoel in Derry on July 4 and Ogra has even threatened that there will be
appearances from senior political figures from across the island.

So just who are these ‘senior political figures’ who are giving up their weekend to help out the youth wing of the party?

There will be Eamon O Cuiv, Dara Calleary and Margaret Conlon - none of whom could realistically be considered ‘senior political figues’.

The only ‘senior political figure’ of any note who is penciled in to attend is the leader of the SDLP Mark Durkan.

Must try harder, me thinks!

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